Hall Rental


Current mispalilim who:

Paid in for at least one seat during Tishrai.
All pledges are mostly paid.

Attend all Shabbos minyanim on a regular base.

Hall price is $150 plus $75 for cleaning = $225

All others who want to rent the Shul hall:

Hall price is $300 plus $75 for cleaning = $375

Whoever rents the Shul hall is responsible for all damages to the Shul including but not

limited to close the lights and lock all doors.

The Shul hall is being rented AS IS.

No paper goods, soda and/or other property may NOT be used other then the tables and chairs.

All tables and chairs are to be put back as setup before.

All lights should be closed after your event.

If you rent the shul on Shabbos, all items should be in the main hall or kitchen ONLY;

the shul will use the downstairs for its Kids program.