B”H 5th Day 0f Elul 5772 -August 23, 2012

shul this shabbos 8-25-12

The Board of Directors would like to inform all Mispalilim of Congregation Ahavas Moische Inc. that due to the renovation and upgrade to the Shul’s main hall.
All prayer services for this Shabbos will take place in the Downstairs Hall.

The WOMEN’S ENTRANCE will be the side door and the MEN’S ENTRANCE will be the front door.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Best wishes for an enjoyable Shabbos and a Kesiva VaChasima Tova!!

Yaakov Blachman

Gabbai and Member of the Board of Trustees

Congregation Ahavas Moiche Inc

Rosh Chodesh Tammuz/June 21, 2012

Dear Members and Mispalelim of Congregation Ahavas Moische,
As you all undoubtedly know, this Shabbos, Shabbos Parshas Korach, Haboh Oleinu V`al Kol Yisroel L`Tova, falls out on the Yom Hahilula,
Gimmel Tammuz

Among the customs for this auspicious day is to receive an Aliyah
to the Torah. While Shul Members who bought seats for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur have priority, Congregation Ahavas Moische would like to provide an opport-unity for an Aliyah to as many congregants as possible. If you plan on attending Ahavas Moische this Shabbos, and would like to receive an Aliyah, please contact the Gabbai, Yanky Blachman, by Tel. 718-974-0800 or by E-mail to ahavasmoische@gmail.com and he will do his best to accommodate you. Your timely response will allow Y. Blachman to plan the number of minyanim that will be required.
Best wishes for a safe and healthy summer.

Yisroel Karp – Chairman of the Board
Eli-Moishe Blachman –  President